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Exercise and a healthy diet are a preferred way to increase your libido in the long term, but sometimes due to certain health or other problems, taking a libido pill can help accelerate libido enhancement. There are many such pills for libido improvement both for men and women. Among those commonly used and rated highly for men include Irexis, VigRx, Vimax and Viagra (Sildenafil). Each pill for libido helps improve your Libido in one way or the other either through harder and longer erections, strong orgasms, preventing premature ejaculation, increasing your stamina and so forth. However you should be cautious when accepting all claims made for libido pills and be aware of any side effects such as dizziness, headaches, etc. For example while libido pill VigRx does include certain well known libido herbs such as Tribulus and Damiana, it's claim that Bioperine (that is not in any other pill in the market) can result in bigger and harder erections has little or no merit. It also does not include the herb Yohimbe which is in fact endorsed by the FDA for sexual dysfunction treatment. Nonetheless, these pills are rated highly.

There are numerous female libido pills in the market as well. These include Provestra, Climestra, LibidoMD, LibidoVitam and many others. Like any libido pill for men, these pills increase the sex drive of women, improve blood flow to their genitals and also increase their excitement level during foreplay. However different women may react differently to the same pill and it is important that you know their limitations and side effects. Most of these pills should contain well know libido herbs such as Damiana Leaf, Ginger Rot, Black Cohosh Root, Cayenne Pepper and so on and you should check the pill ingredients for these herbs. Natural herbs such as these prevent any major side effects.

Before deciding to take any pill, it is advisable to consult a health care practitioner who can examine you for any physical or physiological problems and provide you advice on which pill to take. At times low libido may simply be due to stress or fatigue and may not require a pill. In other situations you may be advised to take a pill that best suits you.

As normally any male and female libido pill is formulated to contain various herbs and supplements, being aware of which pill contains the right type of herbs is important. You should also be cautious of any grand claims and possible side effects. Generally however, most pills should improve your libido soon after you start taking them but in general you should also adopt a healthy lifestyle.

There are numerous ways to increase your libido. These range from relaxing, eating healthy (especially eating food that stimulates libido) to pills and so on. If you plan on taking a libido pill use it as a last resort and consult your practitioner.


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